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My Story

Photo by Camilla Sjodin,

Diana in Spain

Who am I in one paragraph?


Perhaps I should say, who am I now?


With a past life and career in Hollywood for 35 years in the high-stress profession of costume designing for TV shows and films, I retired to Las Vegas 15 years ago. People said, “It’s time to slow down”!.


Instead, I found myself wanting to be back in film at some level, so I became a professor at UNLV, teaching Costume Design for Film. I love it, and I love my students, the filmmakers of tomorrow.


And missing my costume career, I can’t resist making the odd costume, now and then, usually sparkly with feathers for a Las Vegas performer. 


But mostly, I write, appear as a speaker and travel. 


I write about the many memorable people I have known and worked with in the entertainment business. In fact, my memoir “Stars in Their Underwear” is still selling well on Amazon. And I write about travel. Sometimes I travel solo and join a group tour somewhere like I did this past Christmas in Morocco. Sometimes I travel with friends. My taste usually is to warm places, but that didn’t stop me from going to Iceland last February!


I speak as I find I have lots to say about women as they age, what is expected of us, and how we are sometimes described as devoid of the ability to risk discovering new things or places. I believe staying young happens when you stay open to all generations, all ideas, and all cultures.


I work out regularly, go to yoga once a week, love to swim in my pool, enjoy dining out with my friends, and am crazy about my calico cat, Nala. I am content, and I have an attitude of gratitude.

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