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Betty White Made Me Laugh!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, we have all been thinking about the people we are grateful for. And without a doubt, my family and friends are at the very top of the list!

But I am also grateful for some of the extraordinary people I have worked with along my journey, both in front of and behind the scenes. One such person is Betty White, who will turn 98 on January 17th.

I had the good fortune to work with Betty for two years on a CBS sitcom called "Ladies Man," and then again on a film called "Stealing Christmas," with Tony Danza and Lea Thompson.

On "Ladies Man," we had top-level actors Alfred Molina, Sharon Lawrence, and Dixie Carter, plus a cast of young actors who played the children, a young Kaley Cuoco, and Alexa Vega. Betty was a great teacher to the younger set in that she taught by example - always on time, always knowing her lines, and always respectful to every member of the crew, no matter at what level.

If ever she was feeling down or anxious….well, I just never saw that! Ever!

She was also tireless! We actually celebrated her 50th year in show business during the run, and we thought she was energetic for her age back then, at a young 78! Who knew then she was far from done, professionally! The writers managed to concoct all sorts of crazy situations where Betty would be dressed in outlandish outfits - an angel with giant wings, a Joan of Arc with heavy armor. Betty would never complain of discomfort, even though we worried about the strain of the costume on her slight frame.

I have several lovely thank you notes from her, handwritten on her letterhead, expressing her appreciation with the same joy and humor as in person.

When we were filming in Vancouver ("Stealing Christmas"), she used to fly home on Friday night and return early Monday morning. I asked her if she had events or commitments in LA, as I knew that much traveling could e strenuous. "Oh no," she said, "I just miss my dogs too much!"

Lucky dogs to live in Betty's house.

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